Sirje Kriisa, head of the Estonian Associacion of Designer Bookbinders


Jaan Elken, head of the Estonian Artists' Association


Külli Grünbach-Sein, one of the three "Golden Book" award winners


Ants and Ann Roos (middle) with two authors of the fairy tales


René Berends (Germany), founder of the Leather Art Forum and Illu Erma, head of the Department of Leather Art at Estonian Academy of Arts


Signe Kivi, rector at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Lennart Mänd, head of the Jury


Designer bookbinder Silvi Kalda and art critic Inge Teder


View to the exposition


View to the exposition

  Jeff Clement and Katinka Keus (The Netherlands)

Photos: Sirje Kriisa, Madis Listak, Tiia Eikholm, Annika Haas


In the middle from left: Manne Dahlstedt, Lotta Löwgren (Sweden) and Merike Albri, head of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design