The Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders invites you to participate in the international exhibition of bookbinding Scripta Manent III "The Best Thing in the World" in Tallinn, in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design.

The exhibition will be opened on June 1st, 2005, the International Children's Day, and will remain open until October 2nd, 2005.

All artists who treat book as a binding or as an object of art in any material or technique are welcome to participate. If traditionally a classical volume or a known contemporary author is selected out for binding, then this time the text collection consists of fairytales and poems written by 7-15 years old Estonian children. On the one hand the children's creation is genuine and spontaneous, on the other hand it is sensitive and susceptible to the noise and notions of the society. As such, the collection gives us a hearty and pronounced picture of contemporary life in Estonia. 300 numbered sets of sheets have been published for the exhibition. The title of the fairytale collection is "The Best Thing in the World". The Estonian and English language parallel texts have been printed on Svecia paper in the format A4.

Applications for participation together with the personal data of the artist are expected to be sent to Mrs. Sirje Kriisa, the chairperson of the Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders, by December 15, 2004.
Postal address:
Mrs. Sirje Kriisa
Allika Street 2-54
76607 Keila
Republic of Estonia

Tel.: (+372) 6 780 254
Mob.: (+372) 52 34 400
Fax.: (+372) 6 307 185

The participation fee, which contains the cost of sheets, the exhibition catalogue and the postal expenses, is 80 EUR. Remittances should be made to the bank account of the Non-Profit Organization Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders.

Remittee: Eesti Koitekunstnike Uhendus MTU
Bank: Hansapank AS, Liivalaia Street 8, 15040 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia
IBAN code: EE032200001120170592
Bank information tel.: (+372) 6 310 310

Every artist who has registered and paid the participation fee will receive the set of sheets by post or directly from Mr. Rene Haljasmae, from the Bookbinding Department of the Academic Libarary of the Tallinn Pedagogical University, address Rävala Street 10, 15042 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia. Tel.: (+372) 51 900 544 or (+372) 6 659 441.

The artistic binding or object should not weigh more than 3 kg.

It is recommended that the binding contained illustrations.

The exhibits together with a short biography of the creative work of the artist and a technical description of the exhibit should be sent to the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design by March 1st, 2005.
Postal address:
Eesti Tarbekunsti- ja Disainimuuseum
Lai Street 17
10133 Tallinn
Republic of Estonia

Tel. (+372) 6 411 927

The jury will gather on April 20, 2005 and select out three bindings/objects of art. Those three authors will each receive equal non-monetary main prizes. Incentive prizes will be given to the some other authors marked out by the jury. All participants will receive diplomas. The young author of the best fairytale or poem will receive a prize, too. NB! Please let us know, which of the fairytales or poems you thought was the best. The jury reserves the right to exclude artistically or technically inadequate works.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a conference in the Estonian Academy of Arts, the schedule and the performers will be specified.

After the exhibition the exhibits will be returned to the authors.

The exhibition is supported by:
Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Leatherwork Artists' Union, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, National Library of Estonia, Academic Libarary of the Tallinn Pedagogical University, Papyrus LLC, Non-Profit Organization Hea Laps.